Nobody asked me if they could do this or not!

Wizard World Boston '06 is cancelled.


I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After the whole Atlanta fiasco last year, and all the negative word of mouth WW Beantown '05 received, not to mention the general consensus that there are just too many cons these days, I kinda saw it coming. But I don't have to like it!

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I really enjoyed Wizard World Boston last fall. It had all the perks of one of the bigger cons - big name guests, large Artist Alley area, rows upon rows of retailers - but it wasn't so overwhelmingly large as to seem intimidating or ridiculously tiring. Plus, it was only an hour or so away from my house. I really liked the convenience of that!

I could always just suck it up and go to the new, almost-upon-us New York Comic Con if I want the full con experience, I guess, but it's not terribly likely to happen this year, due to lack of fundage (I figured I'd have most of the year to save my pennies for Boston, dammit!), unfamiliarity with the area (I've been to NYC exactly once, so I don't really know where anything is and am not keen on driving there myself, thanks, and buses are way too expensive), and the general unpredictability of east coast weather in February. Don't get me wrong, I hope the show is a huge success and continues on for years to come, but it's pretty unlikely they'll be getting my dollars any time soon.

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