Let's list again, like we did last winter...

Mikester may have re-awakened a sleeping beast, so if this turns into a meme again, blame him. So here now for your blogging enjoyment is, again in no particular order, 100 More Things I Love About Comics (you can see the list I made last year here if you're curious):

  1. Scott Pilgrim
  2. Justice League Unlimited
  3. The Teen Titans theme by Puffy AmiYumi
  4. The Teen Titans show itself, for that matter
  5. Gene Colan
  6. DC's new Showcase books (which is the perfect format for a Sugar & Spike collection, HINT HINT!)
  7. Box Office Poison and Tricked by Alex Robinson
  8. All-Star Superman
  9. Nextwave
  10. IDW bringing back The Maze Agency
  11. X-Men Legends for PS2
  12. The Superboy & the Legion of Super-Heroes tabloid with the wedding of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl (1000 years in the future, and the universe is still plagued with bell-bottoms)
  13. The Flash TV series
  14. The new Marvel Team-Up by Robert Kirkman
  15. The often unsung work of colorists, or color artists, or whatever the hell they want to call themselves
  16. The Comic Geek Speak podcast
  17. The I Read Comics podcast
  18. The unparalleled hyperbole of Stan Lee
  19. The Best of the Spirit trade paperback (hey DC, howzabout a Best of Plastic Man next?)
  20. "The Ballad of Barry Allen" by Jim's Big Ego
  21. Afforable Little Lulu reprints from Dark Horse
  22. The album sized reprints of Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck comics produced by Gladstone and Disney - the perfect size for those stories!
  23. The Fantastic Four movie, which I actually liked better than Batman Begins
  24. Evan Dorkin's blog
  25. Mike Wieringo's sketch blog
  26. Reading one of the New Teen Titans drug issues (the one with Speedy on the cover) out loud as a class in second grade
  27. The current Legion of Super-Heroes book by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson
  28. The occasional letter pages in the above comic book
  29. The letter pages in Starman (which were more often about various & sundry bits of pop culture ephemera than about the book itself)
  30. The Darkseid gag in the first Ambush Bug mini-series
  31. Who's Who: The Definitive Guide to the DC Universe
  32. Discount Comic Book Service
  33. Graphic novels in libraries, for helping me discover new comics I might not have read otherwise, as well as saving me a ton of money by letting me read and enjoy comics I would have been disappointed in if I had actually spent money on them (e.g. New Avengers is a decent read for free, but I don't know if I'd ever want to actually buy it)
  34. Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe
  35. The theme song to the 60s Spider-Man cartoon
  36. Jack Kirby's 2001: A Space Odyssey series, which had almost no connection to the movie whatsoever
  37. The theme song to Nextwave.
  38. The ad for Spalding basketballs drawn by Jack Davis, starring Rick Barry and Dr. J, that ran on the back of every comic book published for about 4 decades.
  39. The Tandy WhizKids helping out Superman with a TRS-80, of all things.
  40. The Earthwar storyline in Superboy & the Legion of Super-Heroes
  41. Mr. Mind
  42. The Encyclopedia of Super-Heroes by Jeff Rovin (multiple factual errors and all)
  43. The Defenders, esp. the early issues of the original series and the brief revival from a few years back by Kurt Busiek and Erik Larsen
  44. Kitty Pryde
  45. Art Adams
  46. Why I Hate Saturn by Kyle Baker
  47. Space Cabby
  48. Chronos, the entirely too-short-lived DC series written by John Francis Moore
  49. Chase, the entirely too-short-lived DC series written by D. Curtis Johnson
  50. The Creature Commandos
  51. Seasons 2-4 of the Superboy TV series (the ones with Gerard Christopher)
  52. Superman: Secret Identity
  53. The Joker talking about boners.
  54. Squarecat Comics
  55. Bizarro
  56. 70s and 80s JSA stories
  57. Yvonne Craig as Batgirl
  58. The fact that Batgirl was a librarian (library workers represent!)
  59. Ed McGuinness
  60. Gorilla Grodd
  61. Batman's "sci-fi closet"
  62. The Land of Nod, Oddville, and Jetcat's Clubhouse by Jay Stephens
  63. The Marvel Comics Video Library, produced by Prism Entertainment. I must've rented the whole series over the course of one winter back in grade school.
  64. Joe Kubert
  65. Scott Kollins (esp. his work on The Flash)
  66. Mike Parobeck
  67. The fact that any DC book you own from circa 1983 probably has the "Masters of the Universe" preview insert in it. There was no escaping that damn thing!
  68. Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
  69. Arm Fall Off Boy
  70. The Tick
  71. Jim Aparo's Batman
  72. The No-Prize
  73. John Byrne, pre-Cranky Old Man of the Internet era
  74. Walter and Louise Simonson
  75. Varying shades of Kryptonite
  76. Curt Swan
  77. The weird jogging-in-the-air pose that Wayne Boring always drew Superman doing
  78. Dan DeCarlo
  79. Kurt Schaffenberger
  80. The constantly changing t-shirt slogan gag (who created that, Kurtzman or Elder?)
  81. The now retired DC bullet logo
  82. Marvel's Godzilla series
  83. Nova, the Human Rocket - the only superhero guaranteed to be a bigger loser than you!
  84. The JLA satellite
  85. The two Superman/Spider-Man crossovers
  86. The X-Men/Teen Titans crossover
  87. The JLA/Avengers crossover
  88. Adam Strange by Andy Diggle and Pascal Ferry
  89. Hello, I'm Johnny Cash from Spire Christian Comics
  90. Old school Marvel monster comics
  91. DC 100 page issues
  92. American Elf/Sketchbook Diaries by James Kochalka
  93. Jaime Hernandez
  94. Scott McCloud
  95. Archie meets the Punisher
  96. Carmine Infantino
  97. The Incredibles
  98. The Hulk's purple pants
  99. The very notion that radiation could give you super-powers instead of killing you
  100. The fact that I'll get to introduce Liam to all of this and more.

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