Yeeeeaaahhhh, whose baby are you?

You've probably all heard about the Batgirl meme that took LiveJournal by storm last week. It's definitely old hat by now. But I'd be remiss if I didn't point out a few of my favorites.

Like Andi Watson's.

Or haikuninja's.

Or Bryan Lee O'Malley's.

Or Ian J's.

Or yaytime's.

Or verabee's.

Or Raina Telgemeier's (sp?).

Or Lea Hernandez's.

Or Colleen Coover's.

Or Mike Wieringo's (not on LJ - Dear God, it's spreading! You'll have to scroll down, BTW).

(Yeah, I like my Batgirls on the cute side. It goes back to childhood, really. You can blame the lovely Ms. Craig for that.)

These are just a handful of the now-probably-over-500 Batgirl drawings floating around LJ and elsewhere on the inter-ma-net. There are a lot of really great ones, so if you have an hour or 15 to kill, check 'em out.

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