Some sidebar maintenance

I've done some minor tinkering with the sidebar and added some stuff for your reading pleasure. Well, really, it's more for my reading pleasure, so I can have easy access to the blogs and sites I like to visit most days, but if y'all get some use out of it, that's probably a good thing, too, I figure. Anyway, in the comics section, I finally got around to adding fellow ECB posse members BeaucoupKevin, Metrokitty, and The Pickytarian, as well as Ragnell's Written World, the Women in Comics linkblog When Fangirls Attack, and artist David "Bill really wishes he'd continue Private Beach" Hahn's sketchblog, Stop Saying "Amazing!"

I've also, um, borrowed David "Yet Another Comics Blog" Carter's idea of "The Legion of Librarian Comics Bloggers" to enhance my own little library category. David's blog got moved there, and I've added Bad Librarianship, Redhead Fangirl, and Shelly's Comic Book Shelf to the list. That should keep Tangonat and Brandy the Library Ninja company!

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