Some DVD thoughts

The Island - I'm not really sure if the world really needed a contemporary remake of The Clonus Horror (with a happier ending), but Michael Bay gave us one anyway, liberally, um, let's say borrowing many aspects of that earlier film while also adding a dash of Logan's Run and some zest from the rind of THX-1138 for seasoning. But all things considered, it was actually pretty good, and I give the credit for that to Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson (with an able assist by the always dependable Steve Buscemi). In the hands of, say, Keanu Reeves and Jessica Alba, this could have been well nigh terrible. Definitely a case of talent elevating the material. Worth adding to the Netflix list for some mindlessly entertaining viewing.

Wedding Crashers - Parts of this - specifically, the parts where Vince Vaughn got to do his patented "that guy from Swingers" shtick - were very funny, but for the most part, this movie was pretty terrible. There'd be some funniness (again, from Vaughn), then some long stretches where nothing funny or even interesting things would happen at all, and then there'd be some really over-the-top, almost unnecessary meanness, and then Vaughn would be funny again, just barely saving us from turning off the movie and going to bed early. Not having seen this in the theater, I'm not sure what they added for the extended "Uncorked" edition, but I'm pretty certain it doesn't need to be there. Avoid at all costs - just go rent Swingers again, instead.

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