So a few weeks back, a friend of Erin's made us a copy of a Laurie Berkner CD so we could listen to it with Liam (Yah, that's right, RIAA - a copy. Suck on that, bitches!). We didn't have a track listing, though, and the song titles didn't come up when we put the disc in the computer, either, so we didn't know what any of the songs were. This morning, though, Erin finally tracked down the titles, so now we can name all the tracks on the disc; not so we can share the info with Liam (who, truthfully, is still way too young to know or care), but so that we can upload the tunes to our iPods and enjoy them for ourselves.

Yup, it's true. We are now officially unhip.

Not that we were ever particularly hip to begin with. Well, Erin might've been a little, but in the end, it wasn't the sort of thing either of us really cared about. We liked what we liked and got on with our lives, you know? But if our personal and/or collective "hipness quotients" were ever in doubt, this is no longer the case; our status is definitively established.

We are old.

We are lame.

We are parents.

And loving it.

(PS - Another great kids CD you should own, regardless of parental status? For the Kids, Too. Go and buy it now. Seriously.)

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