Do you need a toothbrush? The Beyond Corporation's got an extra one.

A few bits of comics biz-ness:

First, if you haven't checked out Marvel's promo page for the upcoming Warren Ellis penned series NextWave, go there now. Seriously, right now. There's a theme song you can download. It's kind of awesome. Sort of a "My God, it's full of stars!" level of awesome. Comic goodness turned up to 11. The band, Thunder Thighs, has a MySpace page where you can also hear the song.

It's like Shakespeare, with a lot more punching.

Speaking of MySpace, one of my friend list residents, Stephanie, has started a new comics blog called Comics Are Magic. She describes it as "Reviews of recent comic books and trade paperbacks. No spoilers, no panning of everything- just stuff from someone who actually loves what she buys every week." It's good so far, so check it out!

And finally, backtracking to Marvel a bit, they've posted a sketch of and short article about the new Spider-Man costume. It apparently all ties in to the upcoming "Civil War" storyline, the Marvel summer '06 event that is no way inspired by or ripped off from DC's Identity Crisis shenanigans, nosirreebob. Um, yeah. I don't want to be that guy on the internet, and I know everything will be safely returned to normal in time for Spider-Man 3, so just insert some variation on "it looks like ass" here.

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