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No, seriously, Merry Holiday of Your Choice.

Another gift courtesy of YouTube

A TPS Special Presentation (Do do do, do do doo, do do DOOO!)


Unpopular Opinions: Nerd Edition

Peer-to-Peer Pressure

Bringing back that which was lost.

Cheer up, emo kids. And put some clothes on.


R.I.P. Mart Nodell

Obviously somebody important somewhere hates us.

Some comics thoughts which were intended to be brief, but quickly became less so.

Why DC's Who's Who Is Almost Too Great For Mere Mortals to Even Gaze At - Part 3!

R.I.P. Dave Cockrum

The true story of seven pantsless strangers...

The electronic equivalent of repeatedly banging my head against the desk.

Excuses and links - two great tastes that blog great together!

Validus: Intergalactic super-villain, "Jack's Big Music Show" fan.

You'll either get why this is funny, or you won't. No grey space here at all.


Can't... stop... typing!

Like I could let this pass unmentioned.

Possible Low Content Mode Ahead.

Happy Halloween!

The Long and Winding Post

If this looks like a late-night-ish attempt to just fill some space, well, yeah. Probably.

Worth Another Look

Piggybacking; or, Disconnection

Thinking before you act is for wimps.

Who doesn't like a little cheesecake?

My one bit of January 2007 Solicitation Snarkiness.

The Tube


Brief Thoughts on Comics New-ish, Slightly Old, and Older Still

Kid Tested, Beloved 80s TV Icon Approved

Talkin' Childhood Relived, Batman, Doctor Who, and yes, Baseball