Ponderousness and shameless self-promotion (though not necessarily in that order).

Hey kids, comics! I've got more stuff up for sale on eBay - some Powers trade paperbacks, the first Love Fights trade, the first True Story Swear to God trade (don't worry, I'm not going crazy, I ended up with two copies), the TPB of Peter Milligan's first Human Target mini for Vertigo and, to test the waters for unloading some regular floppy comics, Rann-Thanagar War 1 and Return of Donna Troy 1. Bid early, bid often!

So last night, at the University where I work, there was a guest speaker: Marc Summers. Yup, Mr. Double Dare and Unwrapped himself. A bit of an odd choice for a business school, but his talk was very well-attended, so I think it was pretty successful. Even though the event was about 30 feet away from where I was working (the "Grand Hall" is in the same building as the library), I didn't get a chance to pop my head in or anything, so I don't know if anyone asked him how he was able to cope with his near-crippling OCD while working on a show like Double Dare. I know I'd sure like to know.

This Thursday, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the former president of Brazil, is speaking.

Rather huge change in gear, don't you think?

Now, my question is, do you feel psyched for Marc Summers, seeing as he essentially got to be the warm-up act for such a VIP; or do you feel bad for President Cardoso, who is stuck following a guy who used to encourage kids to reach up a giant, plastic, green slime-filled nose in order to find a flag and win a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine?

Yes, I do lie awake at night asking myself these questions. Why do you ask?

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