This is the only DC solicitation for the month of December that matters.

THE BEST OF THE SPIRIT TP - Written by Will Eisner. Art and cover by Eisner. DC Comics is proud to present its first-ever collection celebrating the greatest stories by comics mastermind Will Eisner starring one of the most indelible characters ever created: The Spirit! THE BEST OF THE SPIRIT reprints 22 Spirit sections from 1940-1950, featuring famous first appearances, classic confrontations, human interest tales, and all those magnificent splash pages! Eisner's blue-suit-clad, fedora-wearing crimefighter starred in hundreds of newspaper adventure stories that thrilled readers with Eisner's groundbreaking style. Eisner was a master of utilizing the comics format to its greatest strengths, and his Spirit stories are some of his finest examples! This volume also features an introduction by New York Times best-selling novelist Neil Gaiman (THE SANDMAN). On sale December 14 o 192 pg, FC, $14.99 US "

Anything else is, at best, secondary, even if it was written by Grant Morrison. And if Grant is even half the stand-up guy he comes across as in the interviews I've read, I'm inclined to think he'd agree.

Seriously, that much classic Spirit, in color no less, for three-tenths the price of an Archive volume?* If that's not one of the best deals in comics, I don't know what is.

*Feel free to correct my math on that, by the way; my degree is in English, so I'm not so handy with the numbers.

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