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R.I.P. Jim Aparo, comics legend and, for my money, the best Batman artist ever. His Batman is the one I see in my mind when I think of Batman, the same way I think of Curt Swan's Superman, Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four or John Romita's Spider-Man. Laura has a pretty complete rundown of all the various bloggyverse tributes to the man. He'll definitely be missed.

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R.I.P. James Doohan, who could've really hated being known as Scotty for the rest of his life, but opted instead to make the best of things and have a damn good time with it. My friend Josh saw Doohan on a college speaking tour a few years back, and apparently the group hosting him took him out and got him drunk beforehand. I hear it was one hell of a lecture, and that this man really didn't care for Shatner. Anyway, he, too, will be missed, and it's nice to see he'll be getting an appropriate send-off.

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Via Dorian, the single greatest line in comic book history (from G.I. Joe (vol. 1) #28):

"Yahoo! Thems ain't anarchists! Thems is robots!!"

Larry Hama deserves to be made king of something for that.

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Here at the college, they host a bunch of different events, camps and conferences from May through August, so we get a lot of different types of people we don't usually see wandering through here all summer long. At the moment, the place is crawling with teenagers from all over the world who are here for some sort of English language camp or something. With the exception of a few who insist on running everywhere, they're good kids, but looking at the group of them, you start to notice some differences very quickly. Not a single one of the kids from Asia looks a day over 12. The European kids, however, look like, well... jailbait, quite frankly.

Why is that? Is there something in the water that slows down the growth of kids in the Far East? Is puberty just inordinately kind to European teens? Is the "awkward phase" a strictly American invention? I'd really like to know.

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Is Hotmail down? I haven't been able to get into my account for days.

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