I am a shameless shill.

I've got more stuff up on eBay right now, which you can check out here. At the moment, it's a couple of different comics-related trade paperbacks (Spidey vs Venom, Superman For All Seasons, Love & Rockets Vol 1: Music for Mechanics) and an obsolete, inexplicably popular letter carrier's badge.

In the coming weeks, I'll be putting up some more comics TPBs (some Andi Watson, my extra copy of True Story Swear To God Vol. 1, maybe that Finder book I never did read, and more superhero stuff), some regular floppy comics I'm clearing out from the collection, some Atari games, an action figure or two... all kinds of stuff. We need the space, baby constantly needs new pairs of just about everything, and Daddy would like to be able to afford to go to Wizard World Boston in the fall (even if the folks at Wizard are being dicks about the just-announced Atlanta show). So bid early and bid often!

I'll also post the link over on the sidebar, because I'm not above that kind of whoring, either.

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