Little known pregnancy facts and more!

Little Known Fact About Pregnancy That No One Ever Tells You About #27: In the late stages of pregnancy - we're talking way late stages here, like, less than a week out from the due date - absolutely no one in the world wants to hear from the two of you unless you're on your way to the hospital.

Here is the beginning of every phone call Erin and/or myself have made to a friend or family member this week:

Bill or Erin: Hello!

Person Being Called: Hey! OH MY GOD, it's time isn't it?!? You're having the baby!

B or E: Unfortunately no, not yet. Just calling to say hi and see what's up.

PBC (disappointed, like finding out they're getting a rectal thermometer for Christmas, when they really wanted the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier): Oh. Um, okay. Hi.

Now, the arrival of a baby is a pretty huge event, and it's quite flattering that so many people are so excited about Liam's imminent birth, but being greeted with the type of warmth usually reserved for phone calls from you college loan officer? A little off-putting, I'm not gonna lie.

This isn't the sort of thing they cover in childbirth classes, so consider my public service to you. I'm Bill Doughty, and that's One To Grow On.

* * *

Here's more proof that you're getting old:
Pac-Man turns 25 this year.

* * *

The Boston Red Sox honored Carlton Fisk last Monday night by officially
naming Fenway Park's left field foul pole after him. In what was probably the defining moment of his career, he hit a pretty dramatic home run that smacked off that pole in the bottom of the 12th inning in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series (against the Cincinnati Reds, appropriately enough, the Red Sox' interleague game opponent that night). Fisk hopping up the first base line, waving his arms frantically in an effort to convince the ball to stay fair, is one of the more memorable moments in the history of the Sox (and all of baseball, for that matter). Naming a foul pole probably seems like a silly thing to do, but it is historically significant to fans of Boston sports, and actually quite impressive when you consider that, IIRC, there's only one other player in all of baseball who has been similarly honored, also by the Red Sox, as it turns out: Johnny Pesky, namesake for Fenway Park's Pesky Pole in right field.

I realize how unimportant this is in the grand scheme of things, but when you grow up in the sticks of Red Sox Nation, the product of a long line of people who live and die with Sox every year (except last year, when it was nothing but live), this sort of thing matters.

* * *

Zombie Tom finds just about every zombie-flavored rock song imaginable for his special Mixed Bag 2 CD (and yes, zombie-flavored means "tastes like brains.").

* * *

R.I.P. Lane Smith, who was, for my money, the best Perry White ever (even with the Elvis fixation).

* * *

Fun fact learned from a History Channel documentary on popular American foods I saw over the weekend: peanut butter and bacon sandwiches were once so popular that Oscar Meyer produced a bacon/peanut butter combo spread. And there are still people who think the 1950s were a good idea.

I don't even want to imagine what peanut butter and bacon tastes like. My 6th grade Home Ec teacher once forced me to eat part of a Peanut Butter Pinwheel, which was bread rolled up with PB and Deviled Ham(!), and that was vile enough. Certainly the worst food I've ever tasted by a longshot. Why I didn't then turn around and sock that lady in the gut I'll never know.

* * *

Lastly, always remember: Mr. Mind has a posse.

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