I can shill with the best of 'em

Did somebody say eBay?

No. Clearly not. But I'm saying it now, because I have
several items of comics-related goodness up for auction. There's the first Mage collection, the first Walking Dead TPB, a lot of the first two Fables books, some Peanuts books from the 60s and, last but not least, the hardcover Lloyd Llewellyn collection from Fantagraphics, signed and numbered by Dan Clowes (#59 of 2000, if that means anything to you). Bid early and bid often! Baby needs a new pair of, well, everything, really (Except onesies. Boy, have we got onesies.).

* * *

Psychbloke, the copy of Bonesharps, Cowboys and Thunder Lizards you sent to me arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Thank you very kindly, friend! I most definitely owe you a pint at some point in the future (or whatever the karmic equivalent ends up being).

* * *

This Rann/Thanagar thing continues to heat up. I'm showing my support with that nifty new banner over in my sidebar, courtesy of Robby Reed at
Dial B for Blog. If you support the obvious superiority of jetpacks, rayguns, aerodynamic headgear and the attractive daughters of bald scientists (and honestly, what right thinking person doesn't profess their love for these things every single day?), you'd do well to go over there and get a banner of your very own. But if you're a Thanagar backer, the type who gets all hot and bothered over the Audubon Society calendar, well, I guess that's your own deal.

* * *

Speaking of freakish sex practices as related to comic book characters (can't wait to see the sort of hits that sentence spawns),
here are some comments about the Legion of Super-Heroes made by Jim Shooter when he was LSH scribe back in 1976 (found via Joanna). Let's just say that in Jim's eyes, Dream Girl was pretty much the village bicycle of the 30th century and leave it at that. Creepy stuff. Definitely "traffic accident" material... you want to stop, but you just have to keep reading.

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