It's meme-tastic!

Here's a meme I lifted from Jog and Alan David Doane. It's kinda long, but it was a fun time waster.

TEN random things about me:
10. My brother and I were examined by world-renowned geneticist Dr. Victor McKusick to determine if we had Marfan’s Syndrome (he said we didn’t).
9. The best hot dog I have ever eaten in my life was at SkyDome in Toronto.
8. I am a poor sleeper, and usually wake up at least 3-4 times a night.
7. I enjoy grilling.
6. My favorite singer is Juliana Hatfield.
5. I have seen very few of the “classic” Disney animated films.
4. I was an extra in the TV mini-series “Stephen King’s The Langoliers.” You can kind of see the outline of me through some crappy special effects as the main characters come back in sync with time at the end.
3. My brother and sister and 12 and 15 years older than me respectively.
2. I don’t consider myself a Republican or a Democrat; I tell people I’m “angry and unrepresented.”
1. I often judge restaurants based on the quality of their french toast.

NINE places I've visited:

9. Salzburg, Austria (where Erin spent her junior year of college)
8. Niagara Falls (Canadian side)
7. Toronto (same trip as above)
6. London, England (the saying is true: when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life)
5. Boston, MA (many times; the advantage of living in Rhode Island)
4. Baltimore, MD (Oriole Park at Camden Yard is a beautiful place to watch a ballgame)
3. NYC (a few months before the towers went down; those vacation photos are weird to look at now)
2. Reykjavic, Iceland (avoid going in November; very dark and very cold)
1. Scotland (for the honeymoon! The Highlands were beautiful, and Edinburgh would be my favorite city ever if they had baseball)

EIGHT things I want to achieve in life:
8. Get a library science degree
7. Move to southern Maine
6. Deal better with anger, depression and frustration
5. Write more often
4. Open a book, comic or music store
3. Write a book
2. Make Erin deliriously happy
1. Raise healthy, happy children

SEVEN ways to win my heart:
7. Feed me well.
6. Compliment my abilities.
5. Talk with me about random, interesting things until the wee hours of the morning.
4. Understand my occasional need for privacy and alone time.
3. Don’t hold back anything.
2. You don’t have to enjoy or even understand the things I like, but always try to accept them.
1. Make me laugh.

SIX things I believe:
6. Women should not have to deal with body image bullshit society puts them through; there are as many different ways to be beautiful as there are stars in the sky.
5. No child should ever be hungry.
4. People need to take more responsibility for their children and stop blaming everything on TV, movies, video games, etc. It’s called being a parent. Look into it.
3. Faith in a higher power is a wonderful thing. Religion is dangerous. And there is a difference between the two.
2. It is our right as rational human beings to question authority.
1. The simple joys make life worthwhile.

FIVE things I'm afraid of:
5. Political and/or religious fanaticism.
4. The fact that the whole world could go “FOOM!” at the touch of a button.
3. Death
2. My loved ones in pain (emotional or physical)
1. Spending my life alone.

FOUR of my favorite things:
4. Reading
3. Fall
2. Really great food

1. Lazy mornings

THREE things I do everyday:
3. Shower
2. Talk to the baby in my wife’s belly
1. Daydream

TWO things I'm not trying to do right now:
2. Work
1. Stare longingly out the window, wishing I were outside on such a gorgeous day

ONE person I want to see right now:
1. (tie) Erin & Liam (though I have to wait until June for him)

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