What did I buy this week? Glad you asked.

Here are some short reviews for the best of what I bought this week:

Bacon Turkey Bravo – IMHO, the best sammich on the whole Panera menu. Turkey, bacon and smoke gouda were born to play together, and the Tomato Basil bread brings a sweet touch to the party. Skip the dressing, though.

Jones Green Apple Soda – Possibly one of the four best beverages on Earth (up there with Dr. Pepper, Stewart’s Orange & Cream Soda and Guinness).

6 Bagels – Three sesame, three blueberry. Tasty breakfast treats. I have trouble digesting cream cheese, so I put butter on my bagels, though sometimes I’ll double up with butter and raspberry preserves (I’m a madman, I know). Peanut butter is good, too, but it works better on the sesame than the blueberry (though it’s very best on cinnamon raisin bagels).

Immodium Advanced – I have occasional bouts of IBS, so it’s good to keep this stuff in the house. Fights gas as well as the poo, so it tends to be more effective than plain ol’ Immodium AD. It also has a hint of vanilla flavor, but I could be imagining that.

Windshield washer fluid – Apparently this comes in colors other than blue now. Who knew? I’m a traditionalist, though, so blue it is for the Doughty household. It does a great job of keeping my windshield free of the copious amount of ice, dirt and road salt we New Englanders have to deal with this time of year. Don’t drive without this stuff!

Baked bay scallops with French fries and a summer squash/zucchini/red pepper medley – If you find yourself dining at Parente’s on Douglas Pike in Smithfield, RI, you’d do well to order this (provided you don’t have an allergy, of course). The scallops are well-prepared (not too chewy… I hate it when they’re too chewy), and the crumb topping would probably be tasty on its own. You have your choice of potato options (I happen to like fries; your mileage may vary), and you can have the vegetable of the day (which for me, was the medley listed above) or slaw. I don’t slaw if I don’t have to, so it was the squash for me!

So those are the highlights of this week’s purchases! Wait... you wanted to hear about comic books? Oh, well, Adam Strange 6 was really good. Read that if you haven’t yet.

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