Old Comics Week Gone Wild!

Two quick links first:

Mike Sterling, archaeologist of things best left undiscovered, brings us what I believe can be the only(MUST be the only) comic book appearance of One Day at a Time actor Glenn Scarpelli.

Better late then never, Lyle over at Crocodile Caucus presents us with his own list of 100 Things He Loves About Comics. As you'd expect from him, there are some unique and very well thought out choices listed.

Through the miracle of trading for credit, I scored a metric ton of cool swag from the fine folks at Lone Star Comics, so I've been on a major Old Comics Week Bender. Here are the highlights:

Superman 330 - After about 40 years of continuous publication, Superman comes to the conclusion that glasses might not be the most effective disguise. But, of course, they manage to do the trick just the same, and writer Martin Pasko tells us why in as plausible a way as you can when dealing with a guy who has a flying dog and a bottled city full of his homeworlders for pets. Fun stuff.

The Spirit 1 and 2 (Harvey Giant Thrillers) - Harvey published these two huge issues in the 60s in a failed attempt to bring The Spirit back into the public eye. Each reprints about 7 or 8 classic Spirit sections (including "Ten Minutes" and "Plaster of Paris," among others), some then-new re-tellings of the origins of both the Spirit and the Octopus, and some two page gags that attempt to tie the Spirit in with the 60s spy craze. There are cheaper ways to get all these stories, I'm sure, but it's well worth the hunt to get reading copies (there's no shame in a book graded Good, folks!)

Nova 2-5 - More fun with the only Marvel hero more self-loathing than Ben Grimm, Peter Parker and Bruce Banner combined. Nova gets himself a rogues’ gallery (Condor, Powerhouse and Diamondhead this fat), fights Thor (but get this: it was all a misunderstanding!) and meets the Marvel Bullpen as he auditions for his own comic book (Marvel sure did love putting their own people in the books, huh?). Plus, Irving Forbush gets name checked in the credits for one issue (#3 maybe?), and I'm a sucker for that old gag.

Micronauts 16 & 17 - The Micronauts and the Fantastic Four team-up to fight the Psycho-Man and his well-labeled emotional control box. Good? Not so much. Goofy fun? Hell's yeah. I'm not sure why I dig this book so much, seeing as I was too young to play with the toys. I remember seeing them in stories, but no way were my parents gonna buy me a toy line based entirely on the principle of being a choking hazzard. Anyway, these are only marred by the fact that Al Milgrom's finishes and inks kind of ruin the layouts by Howard Chaykin (inexplicably billed "Howie" in one issue). Other than that, good times.

I also scored Batman: Strange Apparitions and the 40 Years of Spidey CD-ROM set, both of which I can't wait to dive into. I think I need a break before I digest those, though. Old Comics Week Benders lead to Week After Old Comics Week Hangovers, which can only be cure by video games (still working my way through X-Men Legends and Katamari Damacy), marathon viewings of Wonderfalls and that take-home exam/project I've been ignoring for too long. More on these things when I actually find the time to read 'em.

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