Nausicaa question

Quick question for the Miyazaki scholars and/or general anime people out there. We were watching Nausicaa the other night (a really excellent movie, BTW, and y'all should watch it if you haven't yet) and there was something in there that struck me as, well, not really odd, but it was definitely a "Hey, is that..." type of moment.

It occurs in the scene where the residents of the Valley of Wind are taking refuge from the Torumekian army in the shattered remains of an old ship. Kurotawa, the Torumekian second-in-command, says that the ship is somewhat legendary, and is believed to have at one point traveled much of the world and has even gone into space. You never do get a really good look at the ship, but it does kind of resemble a souped-up version of a traditional sea-going warship. And this got me thinking, "Hey, is that supposed to be the Argo (or, if you prefer, the Yamoto), the ship from Star Blazers?" Because it certainly has the look, and it does fit Kurotawa's description, seeing as it would indeed have traveled the world by sea, and was later retrofitted for travel to the planet Iscandar to help save Earth from the Gammilons.

Man, I am so throwing Star Blazers on the Netflix list now. But I digress.

So if anyone out there can tell me if this is indeed a well-placed tip of the hat to one of the very best cartoons of my childhood, a wild coincidence in design, or me just being wildly delusional, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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