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Baseball game called on account of bees. Sounds like the plot of an old school SNL sketch.

Lyle reflects on Steven Grant's smart observations on the state of comic conventions, and makes some pretty smart observations of his own. My own experiences, though, are a little different, since I actually am the type of person who goes to cons looking for back issues, but chalk that up to growing up in Central Maine and currently living in Southern Rhode Island... neither place a real hot spot of comic book variety (but God bless the inter-ma-net for eliminating the obstacle of location).

Psychbloke is talking Doctor Who and manages to explain just what it is that Who fans find so appealing about the show. Of course, he's in England, where I get the feeling that the Doctor's imminent return is really huge news (kinda like when Star Trek: TNG was launched here). Over here in the States, admitting in public that you like the show will often make people look at you like you have some bizarre rash on your face (provided they even know what you're talking about in the first place). Americans need their TV big and flashy and expensive looking, and generally don't understand the concept of the writing transcending the budget constraints. But the next time someone asks me how I can like a show that looks so cheesy, I'll point 'em in the direction of Psychbloke and let him explain it.

Learn a little something about the Fairy (or Little Blue) Penguin. They're ridiculously cute.

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