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Is it just me, or does anyone else ever find that you get weirded out when someone you know in real life discovers your blog? This has happened to me twice now: once a month or so ago with my wife's cousin, and then just recently with a friend from high school and college who emailed me out of the blue after stumbling across TPS. And both times, it was a little unnerving, kind of like having your secret identity exposed or something (gaaah, I read too many friggin' comic books). I'm not sure why I feel this way. It's not like I use a screenname, or go to great lengths to maintain any sort of anonymity. Right over there on the sidebar, y'all can see my name, my state of residence, an email address I really do check daily and my Amazon list (coughcoughmybirthdayisapril3othcough). And I haven't established any sort of online persona that's any different from my actual real life personality. I guarantee that the me you see here is the me you'd get in person, except here I talk about comic books and Doctor Who more often, since I don't know enough people in everyday life as interested in these things as I am. But whatever the reason - paranoia, geek shame, discomfort with daily life, hiding from The Man - I still get the willies when the Bloggyverse somehow manages to collide with my real life.

Yeah, it's probably just me, isn't it?

Some linkblogging:

Hey, dig that crazy Google homepage... it's a Van Gogh-gle! (probably only good March 30th; if you read this in the future and it's just the plain old Google page, rest assured, it really did happen, and it looked cool).

If you haven't read it before, and even if you have, it's worth your while to check out Bernie Krigstein's story "Master Race" (from the first issue of EC's "New Direction" title Impact), arguably one of the very best comic book stories ever. It's one of the most amazingly intense reading experiences I've ever had, which is all the more incredible given that it's about 8 pages long.

The BBC gives you the chance to mix your own version of the Doctor Who theme with the Radiophon-A-Tron.

More information than you ever needed about the Micronauts.

Much more information than you ever wanted about the New Universe (plus role playing stats, if that's your bag).

Lastly, I realize that wrestling isn't everybody's thing, but the movie trailer-inspired Wrestlemania ads are all pretty funny (particularly Triple H in Braveheart and everyone doing their Travis Bickle impressions).

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