I hate it when geekdom inflicts itself upon my day-to-day life.

With impending parenthood drawing ever closer, Erin and I decided to take an Adult, Child & Infant CPR class. It was a decent enough class, though there were two small problems. First is the fact that you do a lot of practicing on these CPR dummies, so that by the end of the session, you feel like you've been trying to revive an entire busload of adults, children and infinks. Not so fun if you're even remotely asthmatic. Second, the host/narrator of the video we watched was the guy who does the voice of Cyborg on Teen Titans. I kept expecting him to say something like "Perform 15 chest compressions followed by 2 rescue breaths. BOOYAH!!!!" It was very distracting. I should really watch less Cartoon Network.

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