3 Things I Learned From Essential X-Men Vol. 3

  1. If, for some reason, you happen to forget that the X-Men’s plane is a modified SR-71 Blackbird, don’t worry; Claremont will find some way to slip that fact into the narration next issue, whether it's important to the story or not.
  2. The infamous inaccessibility of X-Men continuity is, at least as far as the early 80s are concerned, a total myth. Previously events are referenced often (sometimes a little too often), not only via the much-missed editorial footnotes of Marvel Gone By, but often within the stories themselves (it also didn’t hurt that there was only the one X-book back then). New readers could pick up almost any issue and be brought up to speed pretty quickly. Claremont was (and is) verbose, but there was a practical upshot to it once upon a time.
  3. If you’re a villain in the Marvel Universe, it must be required by law that you have the hots for Storm. Magneto, Sebastian Shaw, Dr. Doom, Arkon and Dracula all express attraction for her, and more often than not make overt passes. And wasn’t the Doom appearance retconned to be a Doombot? That makes everything even weirder still, as Ororo apparently has mojo enough to turn on inanimate objects (betcha her toaster NEVER burns her bagels in the morning). So let’s see: megalomaniacal world conquerors in outlandish costumes with a fixation on a white-haired, blue-eyed, scantily clad African woman with mutant weather powers. Sounds like a fetish to me.

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