You, yes YOU, can help me raise a child, and some belated goodness

The march toward impending parenthood continues. The other day we finally had The Big Important Ultrasound Appointment and found out that we are having a boy. So I'm proud to announce that come June, myself, Erin and the rest of the world will get to meet young Liam Breheny Doughty, and we're just about as excited as can be (I'll resist the urge to post the ultrasound picture this time, though, hard as it is to do; I don't want to be that guy).

Babies, though, require a great deal of space and money (which is surprising, seeing as they're so small and everything), so we've spent the last few weeks pruning the excess stuff from our life (and wow, is there ever a lot of it). We've dumped several carloads upon the fine folks at The Salvation Army (with more to follow), and I've started putting some stuff up on eBay, too. Not a lot so far, but it's a start, and if I continue past this first bunch, I'll probably put more stuff up in waves so as to minimize time spent at the Post Office (I really HATE the post office). So if you're interested in Atari 2600 games or comics-related goodness, it might be worth while to check out what I've put up so far.

Ooh, one more thing: Iraqis who actually dared to leave the house and vote weren't the only ones celebrating last Sunday - Fred Hembeck went and had himself a birthday! So we here at TPS World Headquarters in Rhode Island wish you belated birthday goodness, Fred... any cake left?

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