Um, I think it's time to consider hiring a different ad agency.

Two things that have bothered me about recent TV advertisements:

First, the new Quizno’s ads starring Baby Bob, who you may remember (and you’re lucky if you don’t) as the lead character of a mercifully short-lived CBS sitcom. Anybody else out there get the willies from these things? Damn baby is even scarier than the It’s Alive kid. Apparently, someone out there actually thinks this is less creepy than the Spongemonkeys (who, by the way, were a big hit in my house; Erin and I still occasionally exclaim “We love the subs!” That’s what passes for entertainment in our house. Sad, no?).

Furthermore, I find it impossible to believe that we’re nearly 50 years past Clutch Cargo and people still think Synchro Vox can work.

Second is the Valentine’s Day themed ad for J.C. Penney, which lets us know that we can buy all sorts of fancy gifts to give to our respective significant others this February 14th – everything from jewelry to clothing to exciting underwear. All well and good, but there’s all these red balloons floating through the background, and the action all takes place to the tune of a cover of Nena’s “99 Red Balloons.” Because, obviously, there’s no better song to convey love and affection than one that’s about an Army that mistakes the releasing of balloons for an enemy invasion and proceeds to blow up the world.

Appropriate for current times, perhaps, but I’m not so sure about the romantic angle they’re selling.