Two quick bits of an unrelated nature

Heidi's ToyFair coverage at The Beat had some cool stuff, but the thing that caught my eye most was next year's convention circuit exclusive from Palisades Toys: Super Grover (scroll down for the picture)! The Alex Ross designed box is probably the last thing anyone needs (because under Alex Ross's brush, even SG looks strangely tired, puffy, and more than a little like Alex Ross), but a Super Grover figure is something I firmly believe that everyone needs in their home or office. I'll definitely have to make a beeline for the Palisades table at WizWorld Beantown in October. Maybe they'll also have a few extra of the Adventure Kermit figure I've been kicking myself for not getting in Philly last year.

For the first time in forever, I find myself really not caring all that much about the Oscars this year. I'm pulling for The Incredibles in the Best Animated Feature category, though, and will be really shocked if it doesn't walk away with the trophy. I wouldn't mind if Ray won for Best Picture, if only because that's the only one of the five nominees I actually saw (and it was good, so at least it's not a vote out of complete desperation on my part). And Jamie Foxx was damn good in the title role there, so I wouldn't be at all upset if he won Best Actor (and when did Jamie Foxx become such a good actor, anyway? Was I out sick that day?).

Mostly though, I'm pulling for Morgan Freeman. I haven't even seen Million Dollar Baby, but come on, the man's due. Let's see some Oscar gold for Easy Reader, people!

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