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I hope no one's waiting with baited breath for a Blackhawk movie, because they already went and made one and called it Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. All you'd have to do to make it official would be to shoehorn in Andre, Chuck and Weng in there somewhere and there ya go. Fun little movie. Not life changing or anything, but a pleasant enough way to spend 100+ minutes. It got me thinking though: this is totally how they should make the next Superman movie. Give it a real 30s/40s retro feel with all fedoras, big ass cars, tommy gun-toting gangsters and Lex Luthor returning to his roots as a mad scientist with a penchant for robots and death rays. It's probably not "hip enough" an idea for today's audiences (or, more likely, movie execs), but I know I'd go see it.

Though I've seen and heard a lot of strange things in my life, I never even considered the possibility that I'd ever hear Paris Hilton talking about Daleks, but it happened last night on Saturday Night Live, during a sketch about a phone sex line for geeks. Outpost Gallifrey has the info and a screen capture. And before you ask, although I am a huge Who fan, no, Paris talking about the TARDIS did nothing to excite me. First of all, even I'm not that dorky, and second, it's Paris Hilton. I'm pretty sure the girl leaves a trail. Ick. On the topic of Tina Fey dressed as Princess Leia, however, I can only say "No comment."

Brief thoughts on recent comic purchases (probably a few spoilers):
Legion of Super-Heroes #2 - Damn you, Mark Waid. You've officially got me hooked. If the next few issues are even half this good, I'm in for the long haul. Brainiac 5's meltdown at Dream Girl ("Cause! Then effect!") is worth the price of admission alone.
JLA Classified #3 - Does the Justice League actually have the authority to banish people to a whole other universe? I'm just askin', is all.
Plastic Man #14 - This used to be my very favorite book, but in the past few months, it's increasingly becoming something I just kinda read and forget. It's like as sales decline, so does Baker's interest (and therefore, mine). Plus, the "Plas as female mouse" scene and its punchline really disturbed me. I don't even wanna know how that was possible.

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