Let me count the ways.

Fred started it, Alan David Doane ran with it, and then Mike goes and turns it into a meme. Well, knowing a fun bandwagon to jump on when I see it, I had to join in, too, so I humbly present to you, in no particular order, The 110 Reasons* I Love Comics (because I refuse to submit to The Man's limit of 100):

  1. The Marvel Family (and their assorted friends and villains)
  2. Superman
  3. The 60s Batman TV Show
  4. Starman by James Robinson
  5. “The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man”
  6. Getting issues of March of Comics from Paul at Standard Shoes
  7. Wednesdays at Nostalgia Ink during high school and college (Hi, Bruce and Mary, if you’re out there somewhere)
  8. Jack “King” Kirby
  9. Stern and Byrne on Captain America
  10. Bone
  11. The first season of “Lois and Clark”
  12. Wolfman and Perez on The New Teen Titans
  13. Animal Man by Grant Morrison
  14. Steranko’s brief but perfect Captain America run
  15. Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham
  16. Strangers in Paradise from Volume 1 up through the High School story in Volume 3
  17. Milk and Cheese (MERV GRIFFIN!!!!) and other works by Evan Dorkin
  18. The Maze Agency by Mike W. Barr
  19. The Sesame Street segment about the letter S, starring Superman
  20. DC reprints by Whitman, available in three-packs in drug, book and department stores everywhere
  21. Dr. Doom
  22. Mark Gruenwald on Captain America (pre Cap-Wolf, anyway)
  23. Steve Ditko
  24. Batman: The Animated Series
  25. Carl Barks
  26. Superman: The Movie & Superman II
  27. Sandman by Neil Gaiman
  28. Peanuts, featuring Good Ol’ Charlie Brown
  29. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
  30. Sarah Dyer's Action Girl Comics
  31. JLA/JSA crossovers
  32. DC 100 Pagers
  33. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
  34. JoAnna Cameron as Isis
  35. Gorilla covers
  36. “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck” by Don Rosa (D.U.C.K.)
  37. The Dark Phoenix Saga
  38. The fact that superhero action figures of the 80s were about the same size and could be used interchangeably (Dr. Doom Vs. the JLA! The Spider-Man/Firestorm feud!)
  39. The Phantom Blot
  40. Dr. Doom traps The Fantastic Four in The Village, sort of (FF 84-87)
  41. The Skull House storyline (Captain America 290-300)
  42. Byrne on Fantastic Four
  43. The Essential Marvel books
  44. The Adventures of Captain Marvel starring Tom Tyler
  45. Watching Batman: The Movie in French on the CBC when I was 4
  46. Crisis on Infinite Earths
  47. John Romita drawing Spider-Man
  48. Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
  49. The Aim toothpaste give-away comic with Spider-Man and the Green Goblin
  50. Wizard of Comics, the first comic book store in Bangor, ME
  51. Calvin and Hobbes
  52. Filmation’s Shazam! cartoons
  53. Gil Kane
  54. Erin discovering Optic Nerve
  55. The Legion of Super-Heroes
  56. Waid and Garney’s first run on Captain America
  57. 80 Page Giants
  58. Jack Cole’s Plastic Man
  59. Will Eisner’s Post-WW2 work on The Spirit
  60. Superman Peanut Butter (Fred's right; that stuff was good)
  61. Fred Hembeck
  62. Watchmen
  63. Alan Moore’s run on Supreme
  64. The New Adventures of Superboy
  65. Nostalgia Con 1-5 (comic conventions in Central Maine, run by the afore-mentioned Nostalgia Ink)
  66. Challenge of the Super-Friends
  67. Superman: The Animated Series
  68. Kirby names (Flippa Dippa! Vermin Vundabarr! Mr. Buda!)
  69. Walter Simonson’s signature (it’s a dinosaur!)
  70. The 7-11 Marvel Superheroes promotion
  71. Gumby’s Summer Fun Special by Art Adams
  72. Little Lulu by John Stanley
  73. X2: X-Men United
  74. Spider-Man on The Electric Company (and Spidey Super Stories)
  75. “This Man… This Monster!”
  76. Nexus by Baron and Rude
  77. The Fleischer studios Superman cartoons
  78. Ask The Answer Man
  79. Grant Morrison’s New X-Men
  80. Zot!
  81. Tales of the Beanworld
  82. “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”
  83. True Story Swear to God
  84. Get Fuzzy
  85. Spider-Man 2
  86. The Comics Journal’s online interview archive posts
  87. Outlandish origin stories
  88. Mad (comic and magazine)
  89. The Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League
  90. The hand-me-down Superman pajamas/playsuit I got from my neighbor as a kid (and the warning printed on it: “Remember, this suit won’t make you fly. Only Superman can fly!”)
  91. The first comic book store I ever went to, Moonshadow Comics in Portland, ME.
  92. DC’s “The Greatest ________ Stories Ever Told” series
  93. Herbie Popnecker
  94. Days of Future Past
  95. Squadron Supreme by Mark Gruenwald
  96. Marvel Tales (classic Spidey at an affordable price)
  97. Barnaby and Mr. O’Malley
  98. Getting a letter printed (Electric Girl #2)
  99. Stan Lee and John Romita unmask the Green Goblin
  100. Darkseid
  101. Heroclix
  102. Eating pizza with Mart and Carrie Nodell (perhaps the two nicest people I have ever met)
  103. The Aquabats (they count, right?)
  104. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  105. Krypto
  106. Blue Beetle
  107. "For the Man Who Has Everything"
  108. Multiple Earths (especially 2, S, X and Prime)
  109. Comics creators with exclamatory names (Elliot S! Maggin, Scott Shaw!)
  110. My parents actually encouraging me to read comic books (thanks, Mom and Dad!)

*Updated from 105 Reasons at 3:43 pm. on 2/14/05, because I somehow managed to leave stuff out, if you can believe it.

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