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Just when you think they've pushed Star Wars merch about as far as it could possibly go, here comes Darth Tater. Of course, the worst part is that I totally want one of these things.

Ian Brill laments the current continuity heavy, navel gazing tendency of recent Big Two superhero comics in an intelligent, thoughtful way that manages to avoid all of the pitfalls that would make him sound like another whiny, aging fanboy (you know, like me for instance).

Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer posted a picture of their new Action Baby, Emily Jane Dyer, and it's too cute not to share.

Speaking of pregnancy-related issues, if you ever want to discover delicious new treats, hang out with a pregnant woman for awhile. The other night, my wife discovered that an Oreo cookie (or Hydrox or local supermarket equivalent) topped with butterscotch pudding is just about the tastiest combination ever. It's a dessert innovation that even the Pennsylvania Dutch would be proud of. Bravo, Erin. It's an honor to watch you work.

Last, but my no means least, here's a page that hopes to blow the lid off of the whole Pop/Soda/Coke controversy once and for all, providing charts and figures detailing what people from different areas of the nation call their soft drinks (though they're a little too "Pop" leaning for my tastes, seeing as I come from definite "Soda" country).

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