"Oil and water" doesn't seem like a powerful enough metaphor for this.

I Tivoed Leno last night because I wanted to see Jay's tribute to Johnny Carson (it was decent, by the way; respectful and celebratory, kinda like a televised wake). When I go to watch it this morning, I notice that the Tivo listing reflected the show's originally scheduled line-up, which was obviously scrapped Sunday or Monday morning in order to make way for the tribute show.

And who were the originally scheduled guests for Monday night? Glad you asked. They were Paris Hilton and Ani Difranco.

Yeah, let that one sink in for a moment.

Maybe it's just me, but that seems like the pop cultural equivalent of matter and anti-matter colliding. I'm thinking that this is either an odd happenstance of scheduling, or else the talent booker for The Tonight Show has a wicked sense of humor.

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