The Inevitable: DC April Solicits

Here's what piqued my interest. Slim pickings this time around, though. Anyway, comics are here, assorted other merch is here.

Superman titles - DC's big Captain Marvel push for 2005 begins with a three parter by Judd Winick crossing over the various Super books. I dig the Marvel Family in a big way, but most writers try to write the Captain and Co. as straight-out superheroes, which doesn't really work for them (a lot like Plastic Man, really). Their world is an unusual place that doesn't always mesh well with the rest of the DCU, and I'm afraid Winick, like so many before, may lose sight of that here. I'll give it a shot, though. Hey, it's Captain Marvel. If I were DC, though, I would've held back from showing the covers, because from this one here, it's pretty clear that the mysterious "great evil" that Superman and The Big Red Cheese are fighting is Eclipso.

Superman/Batman 20 - I'm glad that McGuinness is coming back, but come on, "The Maximums?" Please tell me that this isn't yet another Authority/Ultimates pastiche.

Superman Vs. The Flash TPB - This sounds pretty fun, actually, but that Alex Ross cover just looks goofy.

Adam Strange 8 - Sadly, the last issue. Maybe I can pull a H.E.A.T. on this, though, and get everyone to buy 2364320876340 copies each, which will make DC realize this book needs to go ongoing.

Nah, I have a life. It's been a great read, though.

Identity Crisis Final Printings - Threat or promise?

Legion of Super-Heroes 5 - If 2-4 are as good as #1, I'm in.

The OMAC Project 1 - This might be pretty good, but I just wish they had come up with an original concept rather than strip mining the most charmingly oddball Kirby book of all (and that's really saying something). Could we at least get a nice, high quality collection of the original series somewhere down the line to go with this?

Seven Soldiers: Zatanna & Klarion - Both look great, but it's Grant Morrison doing mainstream DC, so unless he really pisses off The Powers That Be, this'll be collected down the line, and I think Morrison reads better in chunks, anyway.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Action Figures - I might be persuaded to buy the Superman one if it goes on discount at some point (DC Direct is spendy), but that's all for me, thanks. I already have good Batman and Captain Marvel figs (the Hasbro "Zip Line Batman" or whatever and DC Direct's own 1st Appearance Captain Marvel), I have no interest in Captain Atom, and I hate hate hate Metallo. And would it have killed 'em to make the Super Powers-y Battle Armor Lex? C'mon, DC Direct, I'd actually want to buy that!

But here's a scary thought: is every S/B storyline gonna get its own action figure line? Because I don't think anyone needs a Michael Turner-esque Supergirl with Official Unrealistic Spine Elongating Action. Ugh.

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