I only wish I were making this up.

The following is a transcript of an actual phone conversation I had at work tonight:

Me: Hello, Library. May I help you?

Guy: Yeah, is the baseball sign-up list there?

Me: Um, the what now?

Guy: The sign-up list. For baseball.

Me: Um, no.

Guy: Oh.

Me: You called the library, you know.

Guy: Yeah, I know. Do you have the baseball sign-up list?

Me: Nope. Not that I can see.

Guy: Nothing related to baseball at all?

Me: Um, books, maybe. But that’s about it.

Guy: Huh. Okay, thanks.

Me: Er, yeah. No problem.

I'm not sure what perplexes me more: the possibility that a baseball sign-up sheet would be left at a library in the first place, or the dude's legitimate confusion about it not being here.

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