From the "tip of the cap" department...

Very special thanks to Fred Hembeck for name dropping me today on his blog, Fred Sez, as well as adding me to his list of comics blog links (a few spots ahead of one Mr. Warren Ellis, I might add! Sure the listing is alphabetical, but still, that's pretty lofty, doncha think?). Fred has been one of my favorite cartoonists since I first discovered his work in an issue of Marvel Age back around 1985 or so, and I enjoy checking out his work whenever possible (in fact, I just picked up three issues of his Eclipse/Fantaco magazine, appropriately titled "Hembeck," off of eBay about a week back). So click on the linkage above or over on the sidebar and get thee to Fred's site right away for blogging, Beatles info, the real story behind Fred Hembeck Destroys The Marvel Universe and many many examples of his work, including Dateline: @#$%! strips (IMHO, the original comics blog), Petey (the adventures of Peter Parker LONG before he was Spider-Man), The Dog, classic cover redos and a whole lot more.

Oh yes, today I am a happy geek.

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