Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link(ing)

I'm running out of "link" related crap puns to use as titles, but unfortunately, that doesn't seem to stop me from trying.

I doubt there's anyone left in the blogoverse who isn't aware of this by now, but Mike Sterling, world renowned supporter of Super Pets, World Eaters, Hyperintelligent Gorillas Bent on World Domination and, of course, moss encrusted muck men, is having a contest where he's giving away three copies of the new Swamp Thing TPB (reprinting the first 6 issues of the new series by Adam Strange and The Losers scribe Andy Diggle). For details, go here. Contest ends Dec. 31st, so enter already, Chumly.

Also on the Earth-Comics front, Tim O'Neil's The Hurting is back from its moving-related hiatus, and proves once again why we should all pretty much just name Tim as Prime Minister of Blogdom already and get it over with. He's currently dealing with the fallout over Identity Crisis in his own insightful, intelligent and milk-spurting-out-of-your-nose-ingly funny way, so far incorporating both Sherlock Holmes and The Lorax into the mix.

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