No "link" puns were mistreated in the writing of this title.

Made a few updates to the links earlier, adding some more blogs and websites and generally tidying up a bit. Check out the new additions, as they are all worth your time.

Here's a fun little personality test from the BBC, called "What Am I Like?" According to the results, I'm what they call a "Mastermind." Gotta admit, I like the sound of that. One more reason to dig the English, I suppose. Of course, by their reckoning, that means I'm introverted, kinda moody, given to overindulgence and have an odd sense of humor. Pretty spot on, actually, even if that does all sound a bit on the negative side.

More great holiday entertainment: The 30 Second, All-Bunny Version of It's a Wonderful Life. How the hell did we ever entertain ourselves before this here intermanet thingee?

Courtesy of Homestar Runner, here's what just may be the world's first e-snowglobe. And while we're on the subject of Homestar, here's my favorite of the site's Decemberween toons, in which Strong Bad, well, see for yourself.

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