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If you haven't been reading the daily installments of this year's X-Entertainment Advent Calendar, you've been missing out on what might be the best holiday-related anything of 2004. It's the story of two Lego stormtroopers and a clone of Mare Winningham and their attempts to save Christmas, Santa Claus and the forgettable Random Jim from the machinations of a robot waiter and another clone of Mare Winningham. All set against the backdrop of this year's Playmobil Advent calendar, no less. It's funny as hell, and it proves Crow T. Robot's assertion that a good action sequence does work at Christmas.

And since I've finished my finals, I'm actually able to read for fun again (for a little while, anyway). I've currently been speeding through Legion of Superheroes Archives Vol. 1 (which my wife bought me for our wedding anniversary because she's the most amazing woman ever), which I will hopefully talk about at length when I'm finished, but here are a few early observations:
  1. I love Silver Age DC stories, though my affection in no way reflects their quality. They're great fun, but also among the most terrible fiction ever written. Great ideas, TERRIBLE dialogue.
  2. The invention of hardcore comic book continuity was a fantastic thing, and well needed in the Legion's case, as major background details vary between each story.
  3. I actually think I'm starting to understand Legion fandom now. That can't be healthy.
  4. Like Mike Sterling, I have to say that I am profoundly pro-Super Pet, and I vote.

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