Some thoughts about what I've been seeing on the TV of late

1. Pedro Martinez, you are THIS close to being dead to me.

2. Okay, so I'm already tired of hearing about this Monday Night Football/Desperate Housewives fiasco. But what I don't get is this: considering people are still up in arms over the Janet Jackson thing - which happened nearly a year ago, mind you - why did anyone at ABC or the NFL think that this wouldn't kick off yet another national hissyfit?

3. Alton Brown is a genius. On a recent episode of his Food Network show, Good Eats, he not only recants his earlier claims that all stuffing is evil, but proves that the ideal stuffing recipe is nothing more than a culinary version of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. An odd assertion, to be sure, but somehow, he manages to make the metaphor work. Catch a repeat of the episode (called "Stuff It") and see for yourselves.

4. Apparently, CBS fired the guy who decided to pre-empt the final 5 minutes of CSI: New York with the news of Yassar Arafat's death. Maybe that says something about our country, and how we ultimately value entertainment more than hard news, but honestly, I don't really care about that. Unless it's something really pressing, like war, alien invasion or the second coming of Christ, I think they can wait until the top of the hour. Especially when the top of the hour would be 11 p.m., and the freakin' news would be on anyway!

Yeah, maybe my priorities are out of whack, but you just don't cut out of a mystery-type show just in time for the big reveal (and then cut back during the closing credits!) without expecting a few heads to roll.

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