Quite possibly the greatest year in the history of history itself.

I should've posted this yesterday on the actual date, but grad school stuff had me busy, so here goes:

One year (and one day) ago, I married the most amazing woman ever. It sounds sappy, but I can honestly say this has been the best year of my life. Happy anniversary, Erin. I love you!

And no, I didn't forget my actual anniversary date. Between accounting class, working on two class projects and dealing with various and sundry familial issues, I didn't have time to post. But we did acknowledge the event with a quick lunch date and will celebrate in style Friday night.

On a related note, one year (and zero days) ago today (at around this time, no less), we were boarding a plane for Scotland. Wow, I would much rather be doing that then researching a paper on the merging of corporate cultures. Bleh.

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