In that last post, I sound pretty staunchly anti-Republican. That's not true... not really, anyway. I feel the same way about both parties - they both have some stances I identify with and some that I outright hate, and therefore neither really represents the way that I feel. Because, you know, I'm a rational being with a brain in my head, and sometimes I use it to actually think about things, rather than blindly follow party allegiance like some kind of diseased sheep.

Jeez, that didn't sound bitter at all, did it?

All that being said, though, if the Republicans had run John McCain 4 years ago, I would have voted differently then and now, and I think we'd all be looking at a much different America.

And if the Dems had run Wesley Clark this year, well, they still might've lost, but at least I'd have believed more strongly in the guy I voted for.

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