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Shame? What's that?

First off, I received linking goodness from David Welsh over at Precocious Curmudgeon the other day, which is greatly appreciated and gladly returned. It's always a good read and well worth your time. Plus, there's this picture of Iron Man with an afro. It makes me happy.

Imperius Rex! Someone found Atlantis! Maybe. Or not. But it's possible. Theoretically. In any event, Namor, Aquaman, Lori Lemaris and Mark Harris were all unavailable for comment.

Via Augie at Various and Sundry: the teaser trailer for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. No actual footage, but the idea that this movie is FINALLY happening is enough to start the fanboy salivation. If only DNA had lived to see this, you know?

Meanwhile, on Earth-Comics, Tom Spurgeon talks about the particular retail frustrations of comic book stores over at The Comics Reporter. Particularly in regard to how some comic stores never feel the need to actually open on time (yes, Million Year Picnic in Providence, I'm looking at you).

More later, because my other news deserves an entry all its own.

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