I'm... I mean... wow.

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World, this is my child (so far). Kid, this is everyone.

(The baby would wave to y'all, I'm sure, if it had arms at this point)

Yup. That there little walnut looking thing will, by June 2005, end up as Madeline or Liam Doughty (God willing... please, God, please be willing). At this point, Erin is about 9 weeks along. We've known about the baby for about a month now, but today was the first OB/GYN appointment, and therefore the first sonogram (sadly, I had to work and couldn't go with her, but at least I get a picture). It hasn't seemed real to me yet... with no initial outward signs, it all seemed largely conceptual to me (Erin, on the other hand, has been very aware of the full reality, being either nauseous, "fall asleep in your spaghetti tired," or both, at any given moment). But this... wow, this is really real and happening. I think it's just starting to sink in.

I'm gonna be a daddy! :)

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