The Scariest Thing You Will Ever See on Film (and some other stuff)

Here's a nice little Halloween scare for you. Go rent the movie Super Size Me and watch the bonus feature called "The Smoking Fry." The film's director, Morgan Spurlock, conducts a little experiment, and if you dare to eat a McDonald's french fry after you see the results, than you're a braver person than I.

Elsewhere on the intermanet, Eric Neel and Andy Behrens talk about the joys and sorrows of hardcore SportsClix addiction over on ESPN's Page 2 site. Good little article, and I can definitely relate (though my Clix of choice tend to be of the Hero variety; but the baseball Clix do look like a lot of fun... if only I had money and free time), but they keep saying that the manufacturer is Topps. I think you mean WizKids, fellas.

(Sorry, but I was an intern, reporter and copy editor for a daily paper back home for a few years during and after college, and sloppy fact checking really irks me)

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