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Wow, first Mike at Progressive Ruin links to me, and now Dorian from Postmodern Barney (another great blog I check out every day) hooks me up with linking goodness as well! All this attention is gonna make me blush.

Anyway, I'm really excited because my shipment of comics and TPBs I got in trade from Lone Star Comics came today. Every so often I go through my discard boxes (getting larger as I cull more stuff over time), see what the people down there are looking for (they post their extensive want list on the site under the "We Buy Comics" link) and ship it off in return for trade credit (you can get cash, too, but you generally get twice as much in credit as you would in cash, so I find that to be a much better deal). It's a win-win situation: they get books they're looking to sell, I get rid of stuff taking up space on the sun porch and get stuff I want in return. Maybe that's actually a win-win-win situation.

Since I knew my shipment was coming this week, I skipped New Comics Day even though two books I buy (FF and Plastic Man) came out on Wednesday. Old Comics Day, I find, is much more fun, especially lately. No super rape, no rapidly aged illegitimate children, no transformations into a giant, impregnated spider. So what'd I get? Glad you asked. Here are some previews:

Blue Beetle #s 1 and 3, Modern Comics reprints - 70s reprints of the Charlton BB book by Steve Ditko. I've been on a Ditko kick (what with all the talk in the Blogosphere about him lately), and the originals of this series are so astoundingly expensive. I want to read a comic book, not make an investment! Plus, I've gotta admit, I've been a big Beetle fan for awhile now, and those Question back-up stories are fun, if a bit heavy-handed.

DC Comics Presents #s 84, 87 and Annual 1 - 84 features Superman and the Challengers of the Unknown, with art chores shared by Alex Toth and Jack Kirby (possibly Jack's last DC work; I could be wrong, though). 87 is the Crisis crossover introducing the Superboy of Earth-Prime, with a story by Elliot S! Maggin and art by Curt Swan. Just a great comic book that I got rid of years ago and have regretted ever since. Now it's mine again. Annual 1 is a team-up of the Supermen of Earths 1 and 2 against their respective Luthors of the same (with Alex Luthor and Ultraman of Earth 3 thrown in for good measure).

Maze Agency #20 - The last issue I needed of the original series, mine at last! The greatest mystery comic series ever (IMHO), and this issue features a Bolland cover to boot. Wooo! Now anyone know where I can find Annual 1 and Vol. 2 #1?

DC Super-Stars #12 - The spotlight is on Superboy, featuring the controversial story by Cary Bates and Swanderson where young Clark fights some Yetis and possibly loses his virginity (I'll let you guess as to which part of that is controversial).

Black Panther #1 - The 70s version by King Kirby himself. I've thumbed through this briefly already, and it looks like it should measure up to the rest of his whacked out 70s goodness. I am SO looking forward to reading this.

Fantastic Four #84 - Yes, I'm also on Kirby kick. How could you tell? This is part one of the story that is essentially "The Fantastic Four Meets The Prisoner." Doom traps the FF (without their powers) in a place not entirely unlike The Village (#6's Village, not M. Night Shamalamadingdong's). From what I've read, Kirby wanted to do a comic book adaptation of The Prisoner, but it fell through, so he reworked some of his ideas and used them in this storyline. I picked up the rest of it at a comic show years ago, but was unable to find this issue at a price I could afford until now. Reading copies of expensive books rule.

And for TPBs, I got Animal Man Vol. 3: Deus Ex Machina and New X-Men Vol. 7: Here Comes Tomorrow. Yup, you guessed it: a Morrison kick as well. I've been looking forward to reading the conclusions to his runs on these two books for awhile now, especially Animal Man.

So now I'm looking forward to a night of Chinese take out, watching TiVo with the wife and, or course, reading my Old Comics Day swag. I gotta admit, I love my boring little life.

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