Being a Red Sox Fan Means Generally Being Pissy in October...

But for the moment, they're still managing to keep hope alive. They finally eeked out a win after 14 innings tonight, sending 'em back to new York for Game 6 of the ALCS, thanks in no small part to the heroics of David Ortiz. Again! I see a pay raise in this man's future, and frankly, he deserves it.

You know who doesn't, though? Mark Bellhorn. How, in God's name, does he manage to hold onto the starting 2nd base spot? Does he have some sort of incriminating photos? Did Pokey Reese piss off the entire front office somehow? There has to be some sort of explanation, and those are the two that make most sense to me at the moment. He sure as hell didn't get there on talent. According to stats Fox showed during Saturday night's game, the man led the league in strikeouts this year and committed more errors at 2nd base than everyone who played 2nd for the Sox in 2003 combined. Yeah, there's starter material for ya. To paraphrase Homer Simpson, Bellhorn's the suckiest suck to ever suck a suck.

Anyway, now it's back to the Bronx. I realize the chances of the Sox winning the next two games in the lions' den itself is pretty slim. I love 'em, but this is the team that has snatched defeat from the jaws of certain victory time and again (and no, I don't believe in the curse; Boston has been plagued by bad decision making and some shit luck over the years, but there's no damn curse). But I'm from a long line of Red Sox fans, and it is therefore necessary that I believe. Unrealistic as it may sound, I believe that Schilling's ankle will magically heal itself, that Damon will come out of his slump, that Pokey will FINALLY assume his rightful place at 2nd (because, as we all know, Pokey coulda got it), that Ortiz can and will be the hero again, and that this, indeed, could be the year.

Besides, I hate seeing anything that makes Yankee fans happy. They're such assholes.

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