Baseball, Comics and things that go "Pleh" in the night.

Well, unless you live in a cave somewhere (or just don't care about baseball), you know by now that the Boston Red Sox won that there World Series thing. Obviously, I'm pretty pleased about this. Mostly for my dad, though. The man's been a Red Sox fan since 1944 (the year he turned 8), and has waited 60 years (and survived bouts with three different types of cancer in that time) to see this happen. Now, his prostate numbers are flaring up again and his oncologist has him starting a round of hormone and radiation treatments, so this is exactly the sort of thing he needed. I called him after the game, and I can honestly say I've never heard him so happy in all my life. That's why this event was so important to me.

I'm also glad that we probably won't have to hear any stupid Curse talk any more. As Manny Ramirez so eloquently put it, "I don't believe in curse, I believe you make your own destination." Or, to paraphrase what Peter Gammons said in real English on ESPN, the problem all these years wasn't a curse, it was pitching, and they finally figured that out. Now they get to reap the rewards and will pretty much be looked upon as gods in Boston for pretty much the next bajillion years. Except for those who go over to the Yankees in search of bigger paychecks, who will be damned for all time. And remember, Boston's got a HUGE Catholic population. They can do that sort of thing.

Anyway, for the best description of what it felt like to be a member of the Red Sox Nation on Wednesday night, check out the Sports Guy's journal of the evening over on Page 2.

Meanwhile, over on Earth-Comics, looks like that there Green Lantern fella is back. Or on the comeback trail, anyway. Jeez, I wish I cared. The whole thing bugs me because it's just another in a long line of cheap attempts to pop the fans in order to achieve short term gains. And what really bugs me is that it'll work. Again. The Green Lantern: Rebirth mini-series will sell well, because you have all those Hal Jordan fanatics in HEAT (Hal's Emerald Attack Team, or whatever the hell it is) all pledging to buy 20 copies each because their favorite character is back, plus the added curiosity buys of people wondering how the hell they're gonna pull this off. Then the TPB will sell well, again because the HEAT folks will scarf it up, as well as the curious fans who don't buy their comics (or at least mini-series) in floppy form. Then the inevitable ongoing series will debut and sell pretty decently... at first. Then, unless it's truly one of The Very Best Comics Being Published (and maybe lands a talent like Neil Gaiman or Grant Morrison to helm it), sales will drop off because the non-diehards will all do what they always do: ignore Green Lantern because they just don't care that much about the character in the first place. GL is like Iron Man, Thor or the Flash that way - he'll always have fans, but he doesn't ignite people's imaginations like a Batman or a Spidey. Sales will eventually drop to a point where they decide to do another event to pop the crowds because, hey, it worked last time! It's just an annoying, increasingly vicious circle, and just another reason why even though I love comics, I hate comics.

In order to end on a positive note (sorry, I really don't have anything to say about things that go "pleh" in the night; I was deliberately deceiving you), here's some quick reviews of comics I bought this week:

Demo 11 - Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan bring you perhaps the best issue of Demo yet, which also happens to be the best teen movie never made. No weird powers or happenings, just great storytelling. I'm sad to see this series end.

Adam Strange 2 - If Diggle and Ferry wanted to do an ongoing series version of this book, I'd be pretty happy with that. The story holds my interest so far (a literal Mystery in Space at last! Now, decades later, that title finally make sense), and Ferry draws space stuff really purty-like. There's a fun little Samus Aran reference (sort of) in there for you Metroid fans, too.

Fantastic Four 519 - Waid throws us a twist to end the story that I honestly didn't see coming, and it makes for a fun lead-in to his Galactus story. We're now in the 3rd great age of the FF, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

Plastic Man 11 - Haven't actually read it yet, but I thumbed through and it looks fun. Please buy this book. Please. Don't let it go gently into that good night while crap like GL: Rebirth tops the charts. Is that too much to ask, really?

UPDATE: Just read Plastic Man. Funniest issue yet, and by far the best thing to come out of the whole "President Luthor" storyline. I really want a "U.S. Out Of The Phantom Zone" t-shirt. Please buy this book. If I tell you it has Hal Jordan in it, will you each buy 20?

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