Something by way of a beginning

Yup, just what the world needs. Another navelgazing weblog. But I figure my navel is just as worthy of a good gaze as anyone else's, so here I am.

Ideally, I'm doing this in order to make myself write more often. Like a lot of people, I've always kinda considered myself a writer. The thing is, I very rarely sit down and actually write. I figure that's a problem, and I should attempt do something about that. I'll probably just end up talking about comics and movies and TV shows like everybody else does, but at least I'll be writing. So that's something, I figure. It's better than sitting around thinking up things I could write, and then not writing them, which has been my M.O. for far too long.

And for those who don't know, the term "Trusty Plinko Stick" comes from The Price is Right, the greatest game show ever (it's Television's Most Exciting Hour of Cash and Prizes, you know). If you haven't watched it in years (or if you never have at all), there's this game they play sometimes called Plinko, where retirees or soldiers or sorority sisters (the 3 most frequent TPIR contestant types) slide these little discs down a giant peg board and into slots that can win them anywhere between absolutely nothing and $10,000 each. Sometimes the discs get stuck on the pegs, and Bob Barker has to get out his Trusty Plinko Stick (it looks like a golf club without the head) in order to knock 'em loose. It's a handy little tool, with a myriad of other uses, I'm sure, like knocking frisbees out of trees, maybe. Or sliding a pot across a countertop. It'd be a dandy classroom pointer. It could probably double as a pool cue in a pinch.

It'd also make for a great band name, but since I don't have a band, I'm using it here. On the off chance I actually learn to play an instrument, though (It's not too late! You can still learn to rock in your late 20s, right?), I totally have dibs on it. And then we're going to open for the punk band Showcase Showdown, making for an overly-thematic-yet-still-awesome double bill. Neither my lack of musical ability nor the fact that Showcase Showdown has long since broken up will snuff out this dream, for I am a foolish man.

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  1. Like you, I need to make myself write. Do you ever go through the day with some thought and say, "Damn, that would make a GREAT line..."? I'll be a frequent visitor. Good luck with the whole writing thing - your talent is evident.