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Literally Anyone Can Make Comics: Men Fear the Monster Called... ROY!

Making comics badly isn't a recent thing for me, I've done it my whole life! I rediscovered these the other day, from an old sketchbook dating back to around 1999 and 2000. The scans aren't great - but neither were the comics! *zing* - but the pencils were too faded to come in well at anything except black and white.  But hey, the handwriting is almost legible and for me that's a big victory (seriously, you'd think I hold a pencil with my feet my handwriting is so bad).  Enjoy the tale of... ROY.

(click to make 'em ROY-sized)

PS - So this panel here?
Literally my favorite thing I have ever drawn. It made me happy enough to show Roy kicking the dirt, but I especially loved that a monster had pockets.

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