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For my dad.

My dad passed away a few weeks ago.  It has been difficult, but I've been comforted by the support of more people than I can count, especially at his memorial service where a few hundred folks came through to tell us all how great he was and how much he'll be missed.  If that's not evidence of a life well-lived, I don't know what is.

My siblings and I all gave brief eulogies.  This was mine:

I don’t think Dad was one for formal “teachable moments” - I certainly don’t remember too many occasions where he informed me he was actively going to teach me something, but that doesn’t mean I never learned anything from him. If you spent any time at all in George Doughty’s orbit it was inevitable you’d pick up something. So here are ten things I learned from watching Dad through the years… mostly things learned from emulating the example he set, and maybe just a couple from doing the opposite.

1. Never turn down a free beer… I think this one doesn’t need any elaboration.

2. Formal…

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