About Me

Hi.  I'm Bill.  I'm a librarian, an unabashed geek, a husband and father, all-day breakfast enthusiast, wrestling fan, and a lifelong New Englander.  I started this blog way back in the 2004 in order to make myself write more often.  Sometimes I'm more successful in that goal than others, but I've been keeping the thing going for over ten years now, so I've stayed on track with that more or less.  I have a lot of thoughts about pop culture - mostly comics, books, TV, and movies, but I branch out all over the place - and not a lot of folks with shared interests in day-to-day life, so I figured I'd type them into the void of the internet.  Seemed like the thing to do at the time.

About the Name

Yes, it's a reference to The Price is Right, and no, the blog isn't specifically about The Price is Right (the question has indeed been asked before).  See, whenever they'd play Plinko on TPIR, a contestant's disc would inevitably get stuck going down the board, and Bob Barker would have to get out his "trusty Plinko stick" to knock it loose so said contestant could give it another go.  Plinko has long been the show's most popular game, a lot of people got their discs stuck through the years, and Bob always referred to the stick with that exact phrase. For whatever reason, it always struck a chord with me and roundabout high school I decided that if I ever started a band, it would be called Trusty Plinko Stick (and we'd open for Showcase Showdown).  Well, the band never came to be, and it seemed a shame to let such a dynamite name go to waste, especially since current host Drew Carey calls the stick his "Plinko rod" whenever the need for it arises, so... here we are.

That's a Lot More Info Than I Wanted

Yeah, I can be a bit verbose.  Sorry.